Here are the Last Rank details in Kerala after 3rd round allotment – Unreserved Category

Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram


153 Orthopaedics

771 TB and Respiratory Medicine

1359 Surgery

4052 Transfusion Medicine

5809 Physiology

6668 Biochemistry

8112 Microbiology

8677 Biochemistry

PG Diploma

2445 Diploma in Child Health

4709 Diploma in Gynecology

5648 Diploma in Radiotherapy

Govt. Medical College Alapuzha


297 Radiodiagnosis

4002 Transfusion Medicine

PG Diploma

4734 Diploma in Orthopedics

Govt. College Kottayam


2078 Pathology

5661  Preventive Medicine

9583 Forensic Medicine

PG Diploma

5661 Diploma in Orthopedics

6304 Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology

Govt. Medical College Trissur


1538 General Surgery

4208 Pathology

7067 Preventive Medicine

Govt. Medical College Calicut


639 Orthopedics

702 Gynecology

9500 Forensic Medicine

PG Diploma

4622 Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology

4675 Diploma in Anesthesia

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D. Mohan Kumar M.Sc., M.Phil, is an Associate Professor from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. He has been guiding Post Graduate students in Animal Science research for the last 25 years in several premier institutions in Kerala, India. He is an avid electronics enthusiast and has been designing circuits for the past 20 years. In this period he has supported many electronics/electrical engineering students in their final year projects. He is a regular contributor to Electronics For You magazine which is South Asia’s largest circulating electronics magazine published from New Delhi. He is also contributing articles in and

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